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Improved File Navigation

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO is a business and productivity application created by ES Global. The application gives professional-level file management for mobile devices. Users can navigate on local device folders, as well as perform various file utilities on the go.

Next Level Upgrade

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO takes the next step of advance file navigation coming from ES File Explorer. The upgraded version offers vast improvements such as ad-free experience, extra customization options and more. Users are given the freedom to choose palettes for their folder’s color panels, along with more options for when opening their folder through the application’s start page. 

Retaining Some of the Functionalities

The application is still capable of handling files professionally. It provides a smart listing of all available files, music library, pictures and videos from the SD card, local or external storage of the mobile device. Third-party media players like Quickoffice can also be used in the application.  Images and APK files are shown in thumbnails for easy identification. The file management feature resembles what does it looks like on a desktop computer or laptop. It has basic functionalities like Bookmark, Create Folder/Shortcut, Cut/Copy/Paste, Delete, Move, Multiple Selection, Rename, Search, Send and Share. Users can still connect to their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers and Chromecast devices. It also allows management of FTP and WebDAV servers for the SD card on mobile devices. It also supports integration with other devices via Wi-Fi with SMB and Bluetooth connection standards. Its Remote File Management feature allows connection with cloud storage platforms, Linux servers, Mac, PC, phones and tablets. The application works with every cloud platforms available in the market, particularly Amazon S3,, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive-SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Yandex. The following transfer paths that can be done with the application are Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to PC, and PC to Mobile. The application comes with an SD card analyst for checking the usage of the mobile device’s SD card. It generates results so that managing files is done optimally. 

Additional Mobile Folder Management Tools

The application is also designed to manage other applications and even APK files. Users can back up, categorize, create shortcuts and uninstall them if needed. They can also compress and decompress, encrypt with AES 256 bit standards and unpack archive files. It is compatible with 7z, RAR and ZIP. This application comes with an Auto-start Manager and Cache Cleaner widget for terminating junk files and idle applications, as long as the Task Manager module is included. The widget keeps the mobile device stay on the home screen, increase the memory and speed, and reports the RAM status with ignore list. Users can change the language of their application. The other extra functionality integrated into the application is Root Explorer for exploring all file systems and all data directories. It grants changing of permissions for mobile device users.

More than Finding Files

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO takes further the functionality of file management. It has a wide capacity of remote access to files and, management with Cach Killer, archive file formats, and capacity for rooting. Users get what they acquire from this application.


  • Remote access to mobile devices
  • Supports most cloud platforms
  • SD card analyst
  • Cache Killer, Archive File access and Rooting


  • Lacks new updates
  • Very complex user interface
  • May have difficulty previewing some file formats
  • Requires Task Manager module for Auto-Start Manager and Cache Killer

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User reviews about ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

  • Fleece Johnson

    by Fleece Johnson

    Used to be good - now unusable unless you want to pay them $10 a month. F them. I'll find a cracked apk.

  • TDP. PAT

    by TDP. PAT

    Good Very Nice my love aapk
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